Pigeon Waste Problems?

Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services knows pigeon waste problems is not a subject most people want to talk about but one that needs to be addressed. If you have pigeons at or around your home or business, you will have pigeon waste (poop) problems! Why should you care about cleaning up pigeon droppings? Whether you call it pigeon waste, pigeon poop, pigeon feces, pigeon guano, pigeon droppings or pigeon excrement, it is a mess! Not only is it smelly, unsightly, corrosively destructive, but potentially a carrier of over 60 humanly harmful diseases.

Pigeon Waste Issues

Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services removes pigeon waste
Pigeon Waste Is Structurally Corrosive and Carries Over 60 Diseases

Pigeons defecate freely, leaving their droppings on sidewalks, buildings, cars, rooftops, and clogging roof drains and ventilation systems with feathers and feces. Pigeon droppings can literally cover infested areas in just a matter of months. Solar panels can be especially vulnerable to pigeon poop. Pigeon droppings will cause permanent damage by “etching” solar panels.

Pigeon guano is very acidic and will cause permanent damage to stucco, roof tiles, concrete and stonework. In many large cities, water contamination from pigeon excrement is a major health concern.

Lastly, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and mites feed on pigeons and can migrate to humans spreading diseases like West Nile virus. Pigeon droppings, especially the dust, can carry over 60 diseases that are harmful to humans.

Pigeon Removal Services

Since 1997 Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services has been active in the pigeon removal, waste clean up and pigeon control in the Las Vegas area. When you contact us we are pleased to schedule a free consultation at your location to do a thorough inspection of property to identify all the nests and potential roosting sites for pigeon removal, discuss the preventive control measures and waste clean up. We provide a written quote and a One-and-Done Removal Guarantee!


Fortunately, there are a variety of options for removing pigeons that are easy to implement. Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services uses professional trap and removal techniques which can humanely remove nests and birds, and can deter bird flocks.

pigeon droppings clean up

First, and foremost, absolutely do not inhale the dust or spores from pigeon waste! Whether inside or out, Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services uses approved clean up techniques to insure your property’s appearance and sanitary conditions are safe.

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Even if you like birds, you probably do not want a family of pigeons wreaking havoc around your home, apartment building or business. Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services uses a variety of techniques that best addresses each client’s pigeon control needs.


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