Pigeon Control and
Return Prevention

Pigeon control and return prevention is the key to our One-and-Done Removal Guarantee after Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services removes pigeons from your property, followed by cleaning and sanitizing the property. We are dedicated to protecting human health, wildlife, and the environment in which we all live. The pigeon control and pigeon return prevention products we use are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and environmentally green.

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Pigeon Control Products

Pigeons have an inbred homing instinct that makes them attached to their established roosting and nesting sites. Unless this behavior is interrupted, pigeons will return to your property. Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services uses eco-friendly, non-toxic, and environmentally green return prevention products. We are careful to select vendors of bird control products, like Bird-X, that design and produce products that are consistent with our philosophy.

Bird-X Pigeon Control Products, Humane, Non-Harmful, Non-Toxic Pigeon Control
Humane, Non-Harmful, Non-Toxic Pigeon Control
Bird-X Pigeon Control Products


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Other Pigeon Removal Services


Fortunately, there are a variety of options for removing pigeons that are easy to implement. Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services uses professional trap and removal techniques which can humanely remove nests and birds, and can deter bird flocks.

pigeon droppings clean up

First, and foremost, absolutely do not inhale the dust or spores from pigeon waste! Whether inside or out, Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services uses approved clean up techniques to insure your property’s appearance and sanitary conditions are safe.