Pigeon Removal 101

To make sure we can offer, and honor, our pigeon removal services One-and-Done Removal Guarantee, it is important that we, and you, understand the feathered culprits. We call it Pigeon Removal 101.

Pigeon Diets

Pigeons have no fear of humans which brings them into intimate proximity with us on a daily basis. They are almost exclusively found in high-density city populations. This is due to the abundant amount of human leftovers created which is the pigeon’s dietary food source. Unfortunately, what goes in, must come out! So in order to insure we can keep your area clean, the pigeons have to be removed or the cycle repeats.

Human Leftovers Serve As Pigeons' Main Dietary Source
Human Leftovers Serve As Pigeons' Main Dietary Source

Pigeon Waste & Diseases

Without being alarmist, pigeon waste will damage your property and can carry up to 50 different strains of diseases that are harmful to humans. Pigeons deposit their feces anyplace they are standing, making all areas of your property susceptible. This waste is extremely corrosive and causes damage to metal railings, fences, rooftops and solar panels.

Pigeon Waste Damages Property and Carries 50+ Human Disease Strains
Pigeon Waste Damages Property and
Carries 50+ Human Disease Strains

Pigeon Nesting Areas

Modern construction methods in the Las Vegas area create openings for opportunistic animals. Pigeons are one of the most opportunistic, highly adaptable nuisance birds. Pigeons often prefer to use the interior portions of buildings (lofts, steeples, vents, and eaves) to nest and roost if accessible.

Pigeons on Roof Nesting
Pigeons on Roof Nesting

Pigeon Removal Methods

Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services uses a multitude of pigeon removal methods depending upon the situation. Whether using exclusion, live trapping, or flock dispersal programs, we have all the available pigeon removal products and devices to remove these pesky birds from your property.

These products include:

  • physical exclusion,
  • audio and visual deterrent devices
  • chemical and low voltage electrical tracks

Depending on the extent of infestation and the customers budget restraints can quite often dictate what method is best. Our trained staff can go over all your options. This way you can be comfortable and determine which bird control package is best for you.


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